Decorating the Tree – By Nibbles the Rabbit

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Hi everyone! I’m Julie pet rabbit! I am super cute.

Well, it is Julie and Molly’s tradition to decorate the cabin, where they live the weekend before Thanksgiving.  My favorite part about setting the decorations is always the Christmas tree!  Bennit, my dog friend, and I always have a blast swinging from ornament to ornament, tipping the tree over.  We eat all of the popcorn strings they hang and try to stand on the star at the top for as long as we can without falling off, an annual competition we have.  We open all of the presents under the tree and see what is inside but, we only peek and put them back into place before the dolls see us!  We got in trouble one year when we dumped all of the presents onto the floor of the room.  They were clothes so we put them on and had a fashion parade!  That was super fun until Julie and Molly came in and we were discovered. oops!

That was last year! But this year!!!!!!! They put up the tree as usual, but they then put up a baby gate around the tree so we could not climb it!  Baby pen things are the one thing we have not been able to get over, so far!  But I was determined to try to get over it.  The next day, Julie and Molly went to school and I devised a plan.  I would make a catapult that would throw me over the tree.  I got a plank out of the shed and put a round tin in the center under the plank, so it looked like a teeter-toter. I sat at one end and asked Pepper, a big husky dog, to jump onto the other end. I was launched into the air.

“Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”I screamed, my ears flying. I smashed into the star at the top of the tree, unhurt. Now the next part was to knock over the baby pen gate thing over so we could all climb it.  It went down with a loud bang.

“Yay!””we all climbed the tree swinging from the ornaments. We did all of the usual playing on it.

When Molly arrived home, she groaned,”I knew they would do it. Oh well.” Julie had the same reaction when she came home.  They did not even put up the baby gate! O joy!  They giggled that night as we played on the tree and I think that if they were dogs, they would play on it too!

I love the Christmas tree!

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  1. This is so funny!

  2. I love when they opened all of the presents! I can just imagine it in my head.

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