Taming Pepper – Maryellen’s Mini Adventures

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Hey world!

Mini doll Maryellen here to tell of my latest adventure! So I was just standing at Julie’s tea, having a snack.


Until a giant dog romped up and growled ferociously at me. His name was … Pepper.


I’m a dare devil, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to lets say hitch a ride! I swung onto his back.


He was the perfect bucking bronco until (I’m not to proud of this part) he buck me off.


I flew through the air in a prefect flip!


I (thankfully) landed on my back. I stood up and stared him in the eye.


I remounted the ferocious beast that had been tamed – by me Maryellen the BRAVE adventurer!




In truth – Pepper’s not a ferocious beast. He is really a nice oversized dog who lets me ride him, but we play a game called ‘bucking bronco’ where he tries to get me off. I hope the world was inspired to be BRAVE LIKE ME through my dramatic retelling of my daily routine with Pepper!

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Concluding Maryellen’s Mini Adventures