The Quest for the Computer – from Nibbles (Julie’s Rabbit)

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I, Nibbles the great, love watching shows on Julie’s computer. But Julie says it’s bad for us, so she hides it. Today we were going to find it’s hiding place.

“They are by the fireplace!” shouted the guard at the door, Cocoanut. “We can start the hunt!”

Pepper took command. “You two Cocoanuts, you search the bathroom! Pepper, you be on guard! Meatloafs! Search the window areas! Nibbles, Benet! You search the closets. I will be keeping command. Every now and then, I will send a spy, Nibbles, to check the family room where Julie and Molly are sitting!”

Bennet and I, with Pepper’s help, opened the closet door and started our search.

Bennet searched the shoe part of the closet and I searched the clothes part. Our result was . . . nothing. We moved on to Molly’s closet, with the same results. Then the warning call was sounded.

“Hide!” shouted Pepper, the door guard.

Molly opened the door and walked into the room.

“We’re going to watch my favorite American Girl movie, Molly. I love that movie because I met the Molly who played the lead roll!” Molly talked really fast. “Whoops! I’m getting ahead of myself again, as usual. Let me go get the computer.”

Molly reached into the doggie-proof cabinet and took out the computer.

“I’d better hide this one in the family room,” Molly said out loud. Molly walked away.

“Oh man!” wailed Cocoanut. “I was just about to crack that cabinet open with a rock when Molly came in!”

“That wouldn’t be good though!” Meatloaf told him. “You would have busted the computer!”

“Broke!” It was my turn to correct Meatloaf. “I learned that at CU for rabbits. My grammar teacher, Mr. Fluffytail, told me all about it. CU means . . .”

“Carrot University!” finished all of the dogs.

Then the dogs got serious.

“We need a spy, Nibbles,” said Pepper, staring strait at me.

“You have found the perfect spy!” I whispered. “What should I do?”

“We’ll push you in the mini baby carriage that Molly bought at a garage sale. You grab the computer from Molly’s hands, or wherever it is. Then you push it to the door and we lock it shut.”

“Ok!” I said, for I was ready to show the dogs how this stuff was done.

“1 . . .” Pepper started the countdown, “2 . . . 3!” and on three all of the dogs pushed the carriage with all their might. I felt the sensation that I was flying on squeaky wheels. I loved it. Until I remembered that I was also flying towards the lit fireplace.

“Nibble!” I leaned to the left, where Molly sat.

“Yikes!” Molly shouted.

“Lookout!” yelled Julie. “Stray carriage on the loose!”

“That’s the carriage I bought for you to push Nibbles in!” Molly exclaimed. She caught the carriage.

“Nibbles!” Julie cried.

I, following my orders, went to the computer and started to drag the heavy thing away.

“You want to watch your show, I see.”

“Nibble nibble!” I exclaimed.

“Alright,” Julie decided. “Dogs!”

The dogs charged into the family room and sat down. Molly hit play. The movie started.

We never forget that story, because Julie never lets us watch movies with her, but Molly does with her dogs!

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